The real reason behind the wardrobe.

Most of you know why this website started. For those that don’t, I’ll be honest; it was my love of unique baby clothes and the thrill of dressing Martha in high quality funky clothes (hey, someone has to look good in this house, and it sure isn’t the parents!) I’m joking of course.


But there is actually more to it than just nice clothes. When I started to really think about what I was buying, and what I was dressing Martha in, I realised that I also wanted to address what has become known as ‘fast fashion’.

In a nutshell, fast fashion is exactly what it says - clothes that are designed to be replaced quickly, not so much by desire but by need. Clothing literally falls apart due to its poor quality, ending up in landfills rather than being passed on.


I realise that with babies and children they grow out of clothes quicker than you’d ever imagined - I still get emotional every time we have to pack up the clothes that are too small and move on to the next size up. Plus we all know that small children sure know how to give their clothes some rough treatment, and that’s putting it nicely! But still, back when we were kids our parents could buy us clothes knowing they would get at least two children’s worth of wear out of them. I’m not sure the same can be said for today’s high street and supermarket clothes.


Don’t get me wrong, I know that sometimes money is tight and we just need some new clothes for our ever-growing small people, but investing in fewer high quality clothes actually SAVES us money because each item lasts longer. I know first hand that this is true. One of my favourite tops of Martha’s was not the cheapest (think over £40…ouch!), but it has stood the test of time (and grass/food/anything else she can throw at it) and is still in pretty much the same condition it was as new, at least ten washes later. Even when I finally have to admit she has grown out of it, I know I’ll be able to pass it on as good as new. Plus I also know it was handmade in the UK, so I don’t have to worry about the appalling factory conditions that many ‘value’ brands subject their workers to. Adding to this is the fact that by buying from small independent businesses, I am supporting individuals just like myself, rather than simply lining the pockets of the fat cat CEOs of multi-national chains.


This is why I am SO excited to let you all know about our new Autumn/Winter range for 2017. I have spent lots of time researching (yes I mean drooling over) the most exciting UK brands, and hand selecting the ranges I hope you will love as much as I do.


First up we have The Oak and The Acorns. If you love animal prints, and come on who doesn’t, then you will love their range of clothes, which are just the cutest. Hand made in Norfolk, these clothes not only use gorgeous bright prints but are also organic - bye bye nasty chemicals! Dressing your little ones in these items will really set them apart from the crowd.


Sticking with the ethical theme, I’m also really pleased to be working with Hey!Moko. These guys make romper suits and leggings that I would wear; they are that stylish! Using bold textiles and creative designs, these lines are real head turners. And the best-bit - ethical clothing and sustainable fashion is at the heart of what they do. They are currently in the process of switching all of their packaging to 100% recycled, as well as trying to only use UK fabrics and materials. Lets support these people!


If you and your little one like to make a statement, get some musically inspired messages across with a seriously cool slogan top from BabyDeeAndMe. These lyrically based tops are bound to strike a chord with music lovers’ young and old.


For any budding bakers out there, and even if you don’t like baking, the vintage inspired aprons and children’s clothes from Joli Tablier are something really special. Founder Emma has a background in theatrical costume and this really comes through in these gorgeous designs. These would make beautiful gifts.


Obviously all the lines we stock are cute, but for the ultimate cuteness overload you need to check out Marmalade Sky Baby. Their quirky prints and designs make you just want to pinch a babies cheeks…or something like that!


Last but not least I am super happy to be stocking these visually captivating muslins from Etta Loves. These sensory designs are simply genius. Why only let your tiny baby look at plain muslins when they could be taking in these stimulating patterns while they drool all over you? Such a great idea, and they look good to. You can never have too many stylish muslins, even after baby has grown up their uses are endless.


So I hope you will agree that there really is something for everyone in our Autumn/Winter range. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with such talented brands and be able to bring them to you all.





Love Sophie